Exclusive: Peter Facinelli talks New Moon, Eclipse, Nurse Jackie, and more

Peter Facinelli  was kind enough to speak with me today about his work on The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Nurse Jackie, up-coming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and much more.

Though recovering from a bit of a cold, this self-proclaimed Twilight fan and film enthusiast was earnest and open about his work.

After a couple of weeks of constant Twittering, and the widely known win in a bet with Rob De Franco, Facinelli is still working out the details on how to handle the prize. He is still “just trying to figure out what to do for the day [June 30th] because I want to try and do some kind of charity event. I thought it might be a fun way to actually make it into something meaningful.”

While the day might already include the very charitable donation of Facinelli’s own actor’s chair to one lucky Twilight fan/Twitter follower, Rob DeFranco’s Hollywood Boulevard jig might not be all Twilight fans will see on June 30th, it seems.

I asked Facinelli if he was surprised at how much the bet took off after his initial few Twitters. Said he, “Yeah, I mean, Rob came over to my house and he saw the back of my chair and was like ‘Can I have that?’ And I said, ‘No,’ but he knows I like a good bet, so he said, ‘I’ll bet you for it.’ We kind of came up with this bet. It’s not like we sat around and planned some crazy thing, and then all of a sudden we threw it on the internet, and it kind of exploded. I know a lot of people had fun with it, and I was happy that people were. It was a very entertaining week.”

Also fun this week was the third episode of Facinelli’s newest show Nurse Jackie on Showtime – whose pilot broke Showtime’s own records and led to an immediate announcement of a second season. Said Facinelli about this news, he’s “pretty excited. I love working with Edie Falco. She’s an amazing actress, and a really sweet person. I mean, whenever you get to do more of what you love to do, it’s always great. When we did Twilight, I think our main goal was to hopefully be able to do more and we are.”

Indeed, they are. Having just wrapped The Twilight Saga: New Moon with director Chris Weitz, Facinelli is to be back on the Twilight set once again – this time with David Slade for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I asked Facinelli whether he was surprised at all that his work in Twilight has potentially led to a four-part film series.

“Well,” he said, “when we first shot it, you know, I think no one really knew that it was going to be this big. I think we were just hoping to satisfy the fans of the books, and we knew there was this underground following. Again, no one really knew it was going to snowball into this huge thing… kind of like my Twitter bet… No one knew it was going to snowball into that huge thing either.”

Facinelli also enjoyed his work on Nurse Jackie with director Steve Buscemi. “I’ve been a fan of Steve Buscemi’s for the longest time, so to be able to be directed by him was a real treat. I almost worked on a movie with him … and I was up for the lead role, and I ended up not being able to do it. And to work with him years later was pretty cool .. It was called Animal Factory.” He didn’t end up on the picture, he says, because “[Buscemi] went younger with the role. It was between me and Edward Furlong, and he went with Eddie … So, I was kind of bummed, but later on I got to work with him on Nurse Jackie, and we were excited to work together.”

Steve Buscemi and Edie Falco aren’t the only long-timer HBO/Showtime series alums, and this fact might be one that intimidates some, but Facinelli has a different perspective. “I’ve worked with a lot of great actors, so I don’t get intimidated by [them.] I get excited to work with great actors.”

When asked if there were any particular actors that he’d like to work with, Facinelli admitted “that’s a long list.” “I always wished I worked with Paul,” Facinelli said, “Paul Newman, but I never got the chance. Robert Redford would be my second. You know, I love Al Pacino and [Robert] DeNiro… they’re great. I think my favorite would be … if I had to pick … Sean Penn. I’d love to work with Sean Penn. Either way. As a director (with him directing me) or acting alongside him. I’m a huge fan of his and the work he’s done.”

Nurse Jackie, since being pitted for a second season reprisal, will begin filming this fall. Also filming this fall is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but Peter Facinelli is confident that both can be done harmoniously. According to him, “They’re starting in October some time, and I think we’re starting Eclipse in August, so if everything stays according to plan it’ll be close, but we’ll be able to squeeze both. The good news is that I’m not in every scene in Eclipse and I’m not in every scene in Nurse Jackie, so I’m sure I’ll be able to do both.”

Speaking of Eclipse, I asked Facinelli if there was anything about director David Slade that he looked forward to working with him for. Said he, “I’ve heard he’s very intense, and I heard he’s a great actor’s director, so I’m excited to work with him.”

The changed directorial hands, too, seems to be exciting to Facinelli. “Whenever I’ve done television (Six Feet Under, or Damages, or Nurse Jackie) we worked with different directors each episode,” Facinelli said, “so, it makes it interesting because they come in and it’s the same material, but you get a different perspective on it. And that’s how it’s been on this one too. Chris Weitz has brought his vision; Catherine Hardwicke had hers. And, now, we get to see what David Slade’s going to bring … It’s exciting.”

Though only contracted for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, Facinelli also intends to reprise his role as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, if it comes to fruition. Says he, “I’m a big fan of the series. I wish there were more!”

In our discussions here, I told him, we’ve bounced around the idea of a post-Breaking Dawn television series, and the witty Facinelli is on board for that as well, he says, “as long as it’s called the Carlisle Chronicles.” If only, huh?

Other projects in the works for Facinelli include, potentially, Thicker, which Facinelli tells us is based on a “short movie” of the same name. “I’m hoping they can get the money and shoot that because it’s a fun little short … Leslie Zemeckis (who is Robert Zemeckis’ wife) co-stars and is producing it. And Christopher Lloyd.”

Also in the works is one of Facinelli’s own near and dear projects called Loosies. About the film, Facinelli says, “it’s about a pick-pocket in New York, who lives this carefree lifestyle, kind of like the Steve McQueen type, and he ends up getting this girl pregnant, and his whole life gets thrown upside-down. He has to grow up and take some responsibility for his life, basically.” The script, he says, was his own penmanship, and he “was supposed to try and squeeze [it] in this summer, but the window got too small between going back to work on Eclipse, so I’m going to have to push that ’til next year.”

While another project may also be in the works for Facinelli, he says that if not, he will plan to attend Comic Con this year. Says he, “it sounds like fun. I didn’t go last year…”

Source: The Examiner.com

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Jackson Rathbone talks women, cheating, and how to seal the deal for a second date with him!

Jackson Rathbone is a triple threat. An amazing actor, singer, and writer. Women can only imagine what Jackson might be looking for in a woman. Some might think that any woman he might take a second look at would have to be drop dead gorgeous. Wrong. Jackson opens up about his favorite features about women, dating advice, and how to seal the deal for a second date with him!

Gabrielle: What are qualities you look for in women?

Jackson: I look for a woman with a sincere smile and a love of the arts. I love being able to go out on crazy dates, like breaking into zoos after hours, so a woman who has a sense of adventure… but I also love a calm night of jamming on a beach at midnight with a bonfire, whiskey, and friends… so a woman who can hang in any situation and not get too clingy if I’m playing some music and spending time with my friends and family.

GC: In your opinion, what do men really notice about women?

JR: The way she carries herself. Many times, my friends and I will notice a girl who is beautiful, but just looks miserable in her demeanor. It’s a turn-off. Life’s too short.

GC: What is your ideal first date?

JR: Well, I live with the band I’m in, 100 Monkeys (100monkeysmusic.com), so I like to take a girl out to dinner alone, go for a walk and chat, and then come back to our “Monkey House” to see if she can hang with my friends/bandmates. If she’s cool to jam some tunes with us, shoot nerf guns at my bandmates’ heads, or at least not get offended when I pick up a guitar… then I know there’ll be a second date.

GC: What is a total deal-breaker?

JR: If a girl is involved with another guy. I don’t believe in the ideology of “if it’s a different area code, it’s not cheating,” I think that’s more of an “idiot-ology.” Too many times I’ve been hit on by a woman with a ring (engagement and/or wedding), and it disgusts me, to be frank. Even if a woman has a boyfriend she is about to break up with… to me, it’s wrong. I won’t even consider flirting with a woman unless she is completely single.

GC: What is your favorite feature about women?

JR: Everything. I am a lover, not a fighter. I don’t fuss over the fine points, I just love it all.

GC: How important is personality versus looks?

JR: I find the way that a woman walks, talks, and carries herself is more important to me than the way she dresses or make herself up. I don’t care how gorgeous she is if she knows it and shows it off too much; that woman is far too ostentatious and superficial for me. One of our band’s first singles is called “Ugly Girl” (available on iTunes) and it’s about a woman who sacrifices her personality for looks. To me, that makes any woman ugly.

GC: What’s sexier: A woman in a little black dress and heels, or a woman in sweat pants and a tank top?

JR: Depends what time of day. And where.

GC: In your opinion, what is the most important part of a relationship?

JR: Selflessness, honesty, and a healthy sexual attraction. I believe a sort of feral instinct takes place in any relationship that works… a sort of “pheromone cupid” strikes, if you will. From there, it’s all about keeping it honest and selfless. It takes two to tango, right?

GC: What is the worst dating advice you have ever taken?

JR: “Say whatever she wants to hear.” I forgot who told me that, but it’s complete bull-shenanigans. Trying to be what she wants is a terrible idea. I try to find a woman who I can be myself around, and who can be herself around me. I hate when relationships change people, but it happens… sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but when two people fall in love and are still the same people, that’s true love. In my humble opinion.

GC: What first grabs your attention about a woman?

JR: Her eyes and her smile.

GC: Do you have any kind of hygiene regimen in the morning? Anything special you use on your skin, hair, etc?

JR: Haha! Nope. Just soap and water… I also brush my teeth with toothpaste, use deodorant, and I, occasionally, will shave.

GC: Do you prefer women with makeup or natural?

JR: Natural, mostly, but I’ve been known to be extremely attracted to the punk rock look. Though sometimes, it’s a little too much and you can’t tell how a woman will look when she wakes up; it’s really about whatever makeup makes her feel more like herself and more comfortable with who she is, not the other way around. In other words, a woman who defines her makeup and doesn’t let the makeup define her. Blonde or Brunette? —You forgot redhead. Tall or Petite? —In the words of Goldilocks, “just right.” Favorite eye color? —I’m color deficient… I like eyes that smile. Short hair or long hair? — I don’t have a preference, I guess… I’ve dated women with haircuts much shorter than my own and women with hair long enough to lasso the moon.

GC: Thank you Jackson!

JR: Thank you, Gabrielle!

Source: Examiner.com

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Love gets complicated in Twilight sequel


Cue the hyperventilating, we have breaking Twilight news: “Rob’s not pregnant!”

This with a laugh from Montreal actress Rachelle Lefevre, well aware of the absurdity — and intensity — of the rumours surrounding the vampire book-to-film franchise and its breakout star, Robert Pattinson, the angular heartthrob with the bed-head and British accent.

Lefevre, who plays vicious blood-sucker Victoria in the adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s bestsellers, is in Toronto shooting a movie opposite Kevin Spacey and prepping to present at Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards.

But the topic of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is never far behind.

The Vancouver-shot sequel to last year’s hit (worldwide gross: $382 million) opens Nov. 20, complicating the romance between star-crossed sex-abstainers vampire Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and mortal Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) with new characters (Frost/Nixon’s Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning are introduced as members of the Volturi, an ancient vampire coven), a love triangle (created by returning Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob) and converging enemies.

At the centre of the pop-culture tsunami are Stewart and Pattinson, magazine cover mainstays whose real-life rapport (romance or no romance?) at times eclipses their fictional one.

“They have fantastic chemistry together on-screen and you know that’s the kind of thing that becomes the source of rumours,” Lefevre says.

“People want them to be together. People would love to hear that — that they fell in love on the set and so they read that into everything they see.

“But all I’ve seen are two people who have beautiful chemistry on-screen and are bonded. Kristen, before Twilight, already had a huge resume and had worked with some heavy-hitters, but she had also flown under the radar.

“And Rob, he was in Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire), so he had some experience with fame, but it was nothing remotely like this. So when two people go through that experience together — the fandom and everything — it’s going to bond them.”

How is Pattinson adjusting to life under the microscope?

“He’s got a really good sense of humour. I’ve seen him frazzled, but when there were eight paparazzi chasing you and it’s just you, it can be scary.”

Almost as frightening perhaps as switching directors mid-stream between sequels.

Usually when a film succeeds, a studio clings to its creator. But in the case of New Moon, Catherine Hardwicke is out, replaced by Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass).

“It could have been bad,” Lefevre admits. “But I think because Harry Potter went through it first to their benefit, we were like, ‘The Potter kids went through a director shift and they were okay, so we’ll be okay too.’

A third transition will happen later this year in Vancouver when another director, David Slade (30 Days of Night), takes the reins of the next sequel Eclipse.

“It’s perfect timing for David because Eclipse is darker than the other two. There’s more action. It’s not a horror movie, but it is darker.”


Despite a high level of fandemonium, Twilight star Rachelle Lefevre she says so far she has had no outrageous encounters with the faithful to report. Even if being watched in public takes some getting used to.

“I walk down the street with my friends, feeling like I should be singing, ‘Somebody’s watching me,’ ” she says, breaking into a few bars of that 1980s pop song.

“But at the end of the day, I’m grateful for the whole thing. And the fans are sweet and loving. It’s like being sprinkled with the nicest bit of love every day.”

Source: 24 Hours

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Daniel Cudmore: Lexicon New Moon Interview

How would you characterize the New Moon audition process?
It was very unexpected for me. I had auditioned for one character and was called about a call-back for another character which somehow I had no idea about. Fortunately, I couldn’t make the call-back and had a chance to get it right and put it on tape. A week later I got the good news.

How would you characterize the make-up and costuming process?  Some of the actors have had difficulty with the contacts.  Did you find them difficult to use?  Did the costume help you find the character?
I found the whole process a lot of fun, I wear contacts normally so it wasn’t uncomfortable. The whole costumes when put together were so cool, and really helped with getting right into that character. It also helped that my skin was pretty much the same color as a vampire’s after a nice Vancouver winter.

How did you and the other Volturi and Guard cast members build your character relationships?
Charlie Bewley and I met at a costume fitting and got together a few days later for a coffee to chat about New Moon   We both have a very similar background and outlook on life so we got along right away, which helped with our characters since they’ve had quite a long working relationship and haven’t gotten sick of each other yet.

How did you prepare for the role of Felix?  Did you focus on a specific trait or idea as you prepared? You have talked about building back story for Felix. Can you give us some insight into that process and how you translated that to your scenes?
I definitely worked on this character for a while, I really liked his animalistic side and how good he is at what he does. I also worked out that his rage comes from jealousy, not having a power like the rest in the coven and Aro’s fascination with Edward fuels it even more. It was a fun character to play.

When we interviewed Charlie Bewley, he spoke about how your characters have a tag-team type of relationship in the movie. How would you describe Felix and Demetri?
Haha, very much bad cop good cop, except I really never interrogate, just rip vampires apart. It’s a great system they have and it’s worked for a while now.

We understand that you have done a lot of stunt work in the past. What is the coolest/most challenging stunt you have ever done, and did you enjoy your stunt work in New Moon?
I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of stunt work which has been a lot of fun and helped a lot with the fight scene on New Moon. I think the coolest stunt so far is this fight scene. It’s great to be the actor and getting to do all the fight choreography helps with the performance and really makes me feel a part of this character. I can’t wait for people to see it, JJ Makaro and his team put together a really cool fight and Simon Burnett (Rob Pattinson’s double) did such a great job.

What parts of filming did you find challenging (i.e. filming in front of a green screen, the makeup)? What was most enjoyable?
I think the shoot went really smoothly, the only thing would have to be the costume being really warm, so the long days of action work were a little sweaty. But it was all worth it once we got to film in Italy, it was gorgeous over there.

You had, no doubt, seen footage of the Twilight fan mania at some time. You started out filming in relatively low-key Vancouver, and went on to film in Italy. Did you expect so many fans? How would you characterize the experience of filming in Italy?
Haha, I’ve never seen anything like that. I thought they would have no idea who I was, but wow I was wrong. Filming there was such a great experience, I’m very fortunate to get to do things like that, with a great cast and crew.

Many of your roles have been in fantasy-based films. Do you prefer that genre? What is your dream role? What are some of your upcoming projects? Are you looking forward to the other Twilight Saga films?
I think it’s a very cool genre since all the characters are so imaginative. I’ve always wanted to be in a Bond film, I’m a huge fan of 007 and one of these days I’d like to get in one. I’m not locked into anything yet, there are some things in the works but the next film starts so soon, I might not have time for anything else.

Do you have anything more that you’d like to share with Twilight fans?
Just that it’s so great to be attached to this project because the fans are so passionate about it which is great to see, and I hope everyone enjoys New Moon as much as I did to film it.

Source: Twilight Lexicon

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Bienvenue sur le blog réservé aux articles, interviews du cast de Twilight


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